Alice in Wonderland White Day Lily In The Garden


This is the second bloom for this Alice in Wonderland White Day Lily. I love its purity and elegance. When the flower stalk first appeared it looked very fragile. I wasn’t sure it would open. This Day Lily doesn’t get much light it’s nestled among some ferns and other less dramatic plants where only streams of sunlight reach it. I hope it multiplies throughout the garden.



  1. Beautiful lily and beautiful photography! Alice in Wonderland, huh? Guess I’ll have to see if I can find that one to add to mine. Thanks for sharing, Miriam.

  2. In Florida, Mike’s grandmother called these ” sacred lilies.” She had a fertile yard off a river.

  3. Miriam Admin on

    The special person who sent me this wonderful day lily just let me know that it’s called Alice in Wonderland—how perfect.

  4. Beautiful pictures yet again.I love lilies and roses especially.
    Thanks for this xx

  5. beautiful dappled light pics – i think it shows the “clean” white even better

  6. I can’t get over a white Daylily. Never seen or heard of them before yours. Very pretty though.

  7. Wow that is purely perfect and Beautiful! Thank you for sharing! Pure innocence & Beauty!!